Earth Care Congregation – Appendix A

We Are An Earth Care Congregation!!

Steps we followed to Become an Earth Care Congregation

1. Form an Earth Care Team of at least two people who are interested in your church becoming an Earth Care Congregation (ECC) and who will complete the ECC Environmental Audit. If your church needs assistance with this, please consult Environmental Ministries (800) 728-7228, x5624 or

2. Complete an ECC Environmental Audit to see if your church earns 25 points in each category. It is helpful to collaborate with church committee members who are focused on each of the four categories in the audit.

3. Use the audit to recommend next steps to either earn 25 points in each category for initial certification or, if your church has earned the required points, to complete ECC recertification next year (which requires at least 50 points, with at least 5 in each category). Regardless of whether you have yet reached 25 points in each category in the Environmental

4. Audit, present the results of the audit and your recommendations to your congregation’s session. Ask the session to approve the Earth Care Pledge, which needs the signature of the clerk of the session), recognize the next steps for earth care, and if 25 points have been earned in each category, approve the submission of the Earth Care Congregation Application (

5. If your church has not earned the required points for initial certification, work on implementing further earth care activities suggested in Appendix B until these points are earned, and then apply to be an Earth Care Congregation.

6. If your church has earned the required points, apply to be an Earth Care Congregation and list your next steps on the Earth Care Congregation Application (

7. If your church’s application is complete and meets the criteria of the required number of points in each of the four Earth Care categories, Environmental Ministries will certify your church as an Earth Care Congregation.

8. After certification as an Earth Care Congregation, your church will be honored with an Earth Care Congregation certificate, use of the ECC logo, listing on the PC(USA) Environmental Ministries website, notification of your presbytery, a press release for local publicity and an earth care book for your church library.

9. Earth Care Congregations must be recertified each year. Renewal requires earning a total of 50 points within the previous year in the four categories with a minimum of 5 points in each category.

10. Once your church has become certified as an ECC and integrated earth care into its church life, you are urged to encourage and educate members on how.