World Labyrinth Day 2017

We hope you will celebrate with us again this year for the ninth annual World Labyrinth Day (WLD) on Saturday, May 6, 2017! The Labyrinth Society and North Anderson Community Church, Presbyterian invites you to ‘Walk as One at 1″ in the afternoon, joining others around the globe to create a wave of peaceful energy washing across the time zones.

The Labyrinth Society invites the world to ‘Walk As One at 1’ in an attempt to create a wave of peaceful energy moving around the planet. To participate, people are invited to walk a labyrinth at 1:00 p.m. in their local time zone. Many large group events are planned, but no event is too small. Individuals who wish to take part may use a finger labyrinth in the comfort of their home.

While the origin of the labyrinth is unknown, labyrinths have been found all over the world dating from earliest antiquity. Once popular in the Middle Ages, labyrinths have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It has become increasingly common to find labyrinths in schools, prisons, parks, hospitals, spas, churches, and retreat centers.

Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity, and uses include problem solving, conflict resolution, walking meditation, modern day pilgrimage, and stress management. The American Cancer Society states that labyrinths “may be helpful as a complementary method to decrease stress and create a state of relaxation.”

Come Join Us and participate in creating a peaceful WAVE that will travel around the World. God knows we need it.